All About Us in Kidlington                              Our History

The First Kidlington Guide Company grew out of a group of girls from East Ham Grammar School evacuated to Thornbury House in 1939, at the onset of the Second World War. The first Captain was a Miss Bubbers and her Lieutenant, Rose Deeley, a Kidlington Teacher.

1st Kidlington Brownies opened shortly afterwards by Miss Way, also a teacher from East Ham Grammar School, with the Ranger Unit coming into existence in the early forties.

Meetings were originally held in the Infant school in Blenheim Road, but by the late fifties, the First Kidlington Guide Company met in the Silver Band Hut in the High Street, as did 1st and 2nd Kidlington Brownies, whilst the 3rd Kidlington Brownie Pack met in Edward Feild School Hall. When 2nd Kidlington Guides came along in the early sixties they looked around for a venue and eventually met in the newly built North Kidlington Primary School.

However none of the venues worked well, storage (especially of camp equipment) was always a problem, Caretakers were touchy and there was little cohesion between Units.

When the possibilty arose in the late sixties of buying an area of land in Green Lane from Ben Smith, a local landowner, at a cost of £250.00, the Guides leapt at it, closed the deal and started fund raising. The Green Road Guide Centre was finally opened in September 1973, at a cost of £4,000.

And, as has been said, we've been using it ever since, with approximately 250 girls, young women and Leaders meeting there weekly. 

At the present moment it is used by 2 Rainbow Units (ages 5-7 years), 5 Brownies Packs (ages 7-10 years), 3 Guide Units (ages 10-14 years), a Ranger Unit (14-18 years) and a Trefoil Guild Group who meet monthly on Thursday afternoons (over 18 years).

All but the Trefoil Guild meet weekly as listed below:

Mondays early 1st Brownies  
  later 2nd Guides  
Tuesdays early 5th Brownies  
  later 2nd Brownies  
Wednesday later 5th Guides  
Thursdays early 3rd Brownies  
  later 4th Guides in abeyance!
  afternoons Trefoil Guild (monthly)
Friday early 1st Guides  
  later Horizon Rangers  
Saturday afternoon   
2nd Rainbows   
Sunday morning 1st Rainbows  
  afternoon 4th Brownies                                

Want to join us? Leader or girl:   please use:

Horizon were joined by Greg Davies in March 2021 for their zoom Taskmaster evening
(or a cardboard cutout of him) which saw them eating crisps with a fork & other such tasks. 


WORLD RECORD Camping out with 95,000 others Spring 2020


Remembrance Parade 2019


First Kidlington Guides 80th Anniversary Party

Past and present Leaders from left to right 1964 - present day, Judy Lane, Nette Clarke, Carol Cox, Mel Snelling, Vicky Williams, Laura Shirley, Denise Moss and Manda Millward. Jant Trinder (1952-64) and Christine Justice (1994-2017) sent apologies.


Pony trekking on Horizon Spring Camp in the Forest of Dean April 2019


Morning Opening Ceremony 02.02.2019


Sue Moss, Hannah Masterson, Amanda Medlar, Ros Letellier & Peggy Harwood
leading the Promise Renewal 

Leaders District Christmas Dinner 04.01.2019


Leaders celebrating the Royal Wedding with a tea party at the Great Escape May '18


3rd Brownies Outdoor Cooking whilst on Pack Holiday April 20183rd_Brownies_PH_April_2018.jpg

5th Guides taking a walk & admiring the view while away on residental Feb. 2018



October 2017 - 2nd Guides build a bridge whilst at a weekend camp

Autumn 2017 3rd Kidlington Brownies visit the Fire Station

Kidlington Trefoil Guild held a Cook Out at Jubilee House Summer 2017

16.07.17 We've been broken into!! Nothing appears to have been taken, though some cupboard damage... So Sad.... 
The Oxford Mail headline --
"Devastated Girl Guides dip into savings to pay for damage caused by vandals"


Nearly 100 members of Girlguiding Kidlington spent time at a Circus Skills Camp at the beginning of July 2016. Younger Brownies slept inside at the Thames Scout HQ at Dry Sandford, whilst older Brownies, Guides and Rangers camped out and Rainbows visited for an afternoon. The weather was really kind and many badges achieved!!


Two members of Horizon Ranger Guide Unit remade their Promise on the top
of the Jungfrau on a recent visit to Switzerland August 2015  


3rd Brownies participated in the Farm to Fork programme run by Tescos in 2015


1st Rainbows ran Race for Life in 2014     


1st Kidlington Brownies on a visit to the Park in the summer of 2013


Trefoil Guild at Harcourt Arboretum Summer 2013


2nd Rainbows bringing the seaside indoors in 2013


Baden-Powell Award Presentations 2nd Kidlington Guides March 2015


Members of Horizon Ranger Guide Unit at Lucy's Gold DofE and Frankie's Chief Guide's Award Presentation BBQ Summer 2015.


5th Kidlington Brownies team building exercise May 2016
Shipwrecked and fending for themselves on a life raft.


2nd Guides Promise Ceremony at the BIG GIG 2016


1st Kidlington Guides camping at Blacklands Farm 1971


1st Kidlington Guides cooking in Franklin's Orchard, Church Street, circa 1965


Pat Lane's Queens's Guide Presentation 1954


1950 - Kidlington Ranger Guides at Oxford Station off to visit Our Chalet in Switzerland 


First Kidlington Guides won the County Camp Competition in 1946