on successes of the past

Frozen Craft Dabble in February 2020 Half Term organised as usual by Ann, surported by Joanna, Susana and Celia made us another £172.00. Participants made icicle bread sticks, snow sweets, snow jars and painted Elsa moneyboxes. They loved it!

The Parent and Child Christmas Door Decoration Workshop on the 14th December raised £375.00 with over 20 participants and fabulous cake. Great and very modern looking decorations in green, silver and purple were produced (see right). Thanks again Ann. xx 

The Christmas Fayre on the 30th November raised over £900. Thanks to: Sue, Peggy, Hannah, Ros, Miche, Sarah, Alison, Fay, Carol, Ann, Becky, Mel, Becci and Mike Hinton. Winners in the raffle were:

1st Prize -   £100 - Foster
2nd Prize -  Selection of wine - Cook
3rd Prize -  Luxury Hamper - Eyles
4th Prize -  Tea Hamper - Fredrickson
5th Prize -  Wreath - Wheeler
6th Prize -  Prosecco - Houghton
7th Prize -  Spa Bag - Warren
8th Prize - Tin of Roses - Tallboys
9th Prize - Champagne flutes - Kelly
10th Prize - Wine glasses - Thistlewood

Flamingo Craft Dabble on Wednesday 30th October was really popular - in fact we had to turn people away. SORRY!! The girls made shortbread biscuits, Canival feather masks, bunting and had a go at decopatch. £380 was raised to help pay off our debt. Many thanks again Ann, with help from Sue, Sue, Nette and Jas from 2nd Guides.

DISCOS on 12th October made a staggering £437.00. Many thanks to Alison, Dave, Fay, Becky, Becci, Hannah and her Guides and of course Amanda!!

DISTRICT FETE on Saturday June 22nd 2019 made a profit of £2,218.62 - even better than last year thanks to wonderful weather again! Jim & Margaret and their wonderful garden were amazing once more!
Winners at the Fete were:
1st Prize -   £100 - A. Dawson

2nd Prize -  Selection of wine - P. Ward-Jones
3rd Prize -  Picnic hamper - B. Hawtin
4th Prize -  Fish platter - M. George

5th Prize -  Pickle Selection Basket - Lewis C. 
6th Prize -  Cupcake Selection - Maggie

POT ON THE BAR from the The Highwayman Hotel contained £52.50 when opened in June. It was HEAVY!

EASTER Craft Dabble on 17th April had the girls making hot cross buns, Easter trees hung with eggs & bits and pop up puppets. £320.00 was raised. Many thanks Ann, Jo, Sue, Nette and two Guide helpers. 

The UNICORN Craft Dabble on the 21st February 2019 saw the girls making motorised foam unicorns, cup cakes, ribbon dream catchers and unicorn flower head bands, raising another £360.00 to help with the fitting out. Thanks again Ann, Nette, Sue,  Jane and Guides. A marvelous effort.

CHRISTMAS FAYRE 24.11.18 was again a brilliant success thanks to Sarah, Becky, Peggy and all the others who baked, donated and participated, making another  £1166.75 for our rapidly diminishing funds. Raffle winners were:
1st Prize -   £100 - Sulley
2nd Prize -  Selection of wine - Thistlewood
3rd Prize -  Hamper - Gary
4th Prize -  Wine Charms - Considine
5th Prize -  Quality street - Cox
6th Prize -  Cushion - Allen

7th Prize - 2 bottles of wine – Berry
8th Prize -  Dairy box - Tallboys

9th Prize - Crackers - Potham
10th Prize - Make-up set - Blackshaw
11th Prize - Cadbury's selection box - Joseph
12th Prize - Jacobs Crackers - Warner

CROWDFUNDING September 2018 made a whopping £3,196.00 - well done Becky and Ros - an amazing job!

CRAFT DABBLES on 25th/26th July made over £300 although not very well attended. The girls stamped teatowels with flower & ice cream cone images. They made sugar paste roses to decorate marshmallow cakes, made jewelled flower hair clips, fantasy flowers and fruit kebabs. Many thanks Ann, Nette, Sue, Pam and Laura. 

DISTRICT FETE on Saturday June 23rd 2018 took  £2,323.10 - even better than last year thanks to the wonderful weather! Still have to pay out for portaloo and badges etc. but an amazing total. Thank you everyone who sold raffle tickets and contributed in any way, more importantly Thank You again Jim & Margaret for the use of your garden!!
Winners at the Fete were:
1st Prize -   £100 - Lambert

2nd Prize -  Selection of wine - Hopcraft
3rd Prize -  Picnic Set - Hill
4th Prize -  Hotel Chocolat, chocolate selection – Mike
5th Prize -  Bartlett's Meat voucher - Tallboys
6th Prize -  Sony headphones – Sue

7th Prize - Books of Walks - Venney
8th Prize - 2 bottles of wine – Sam

9th Prize - Toiletries – Dryden
10th Prize - Yarnton Nurseries voucher - Warren

Craft Easter Dabble (Lotions & Potions) made £385.00 on April 3rd. Many thanks Ann, Sue, Carole, Maggi, Pam, Sue, Anne & Guide Olivia. The girls absolutely loved making soap, shampoo, edible nail varnish, lip balm and bath bombs.!!

Well Done Becky, Miche, Hannah, Ros & Michelle helping man the St John Ambulance Brigade float and making us £344.00 and thanks St John's - who asked us!


Christmas Fayre on 25th November gave us nearly £1,000 to add to our total. Winners in the raffle were:

1st Prize -   £100 - Susan Church
2nd Prize -  Selection of wine - L Hughes
3rd Prize -  Luxury Hamper - C. Welch
4th Prize -  Ubuntu Hair Salon Voucher - M. Willis
5th Prize -  Clock - C. Sherriff
6th Prize -  Bartlett's Butchers Voucher - S. Druce
7th Prize -  Wine glass - S. Cornish

Justgiving gave us £82 Autumn 2017

POT on the BAR at the Highwayman was opened on 17.10.17 - another £43.41.

Many individual Units sent out the £10 Challenge Badge reminders over the summer and some members participated:
2nd Kidlington Guides - Jessica £10 Selling uniform, Caitlin £38.94 Cake Sale.
3rd Kidlington Brownies - Zoe £25 Tombola, Baylee £15 Car washing, Ceris £60 Cake Sale.
5th Kidlington Brownies - Jessica £10.25 Household chores, Riya £10 Selling old toys, Ruby £11 Household chores, Ciara £46.95 Biscuit sale (
see poster opposite).

DISTRICT FETE on Saturday June 24th 2017 made £1,800.00  - so much better than last year thanks to the good weather!! Thank you everyone who sold raffle tickets and contributed in any way, more importantly Thank You again Jim & Margaret for the use of your garden!!
Winners at the Fete were:
1st Prize -   £100 - Samantha Dales

2nd Prize -  Selection of wine - Stephen Bellamy
3rd Prize -  Luxury Hamper - Daphne Keenan
4th Prize -  Ubuntu Hair Salon Voucher - Carol Harris
5th Prize -  Meat voucher - Jean Brain
6th Prize -  2 bottles wine - Ellen O'Donnell
7th Prize -  Peroni and chocolates - Marilyn Elyles

Musical Banquet put on a delectation for our delight on Saturday evening (10th June) giving us another £146.50 to add to our coffers. Many thanks to Peggy for her organisation and to Amanda, Alison, Becky, Nette and Sue for their support. Plus all who contributed to the banquet, especially St Mary's Church and of course Musical Banquet themselves.

POT on the BAR at the Highwayman was opened on 16.5.17 - another £43.24.

Easy Fundraising & Becky Hinton brought us in another £52.00 on 3.4.17

The Spring 2017 Craft Dabble held on the 20th April made us another £257.00.  Another smash hit for Ann Dawson with the help of some 2nd Kidlington Guides and Trefoil Guild members Anne & Sue.

RAINBOW/BROWNIE DISCOS held March 2017 made £290.00. Thank you Amanda, Sarah, Kate, Becky, Becci W, Ros, Hannah, plus the guides from 2nd Kidlington, who did an excellent job with face painting and temporary tattoos & Alexandra - who helped on the sweets! Thanks to Alison for organising and sweet purchasing! & to Dave and Lauren for setting up and taking down the lights.

Easy Fundraising brought us in £47.38 on 17.12.16

Our Christmas Fayre (with raffle) held at the St John Ambulance Hall on 26th November 2016 made a lovely £1,080. Thanks everyone, particularly Sarah & Becky

£110.00 from Sam Hubbard's Justgiving fundraising. Thank you Sam and family


Ann ran another Craft Dabble for us in the October 2016 Half Term, making £169.00. Ten Rainbows and Brownies made jam tarts, filled 'DRINK ME' bottles with lemon cordial, placed buttons on Alice's apron, decorated alice bands with playing cards and made pompoms. Thanks again Ann, and your helpers, Karen, Sue and Nette.

RAINBOW/BROWNIE DISCOS held on 15th October 2016 made £414.00. Thanks to everybody who made it possible especially all the Guides who supported us.

TRUCKFEST -- A wonderful effort from Leaders and associates who pulled together to cook & listen to bands such as the Manic Street Preachers, making us £662.00

DISTRICT FETE on Saturday June 25th 2016 made £1,188.00 (That is - £529.00 from raffle, £659.00 stalls). Thank you everyone who sold tickets and contributed in any way. Such a shame about the weather!!!
Winners at the Fete were:
1st Prize -   £100 - Powell

2nd Prize -  Selection of wine - Sarah Dickinson
3rd Prize -  Luxury Hamper - Lynn Lunn
4th Prize - 
Randolph Hotel voucher - Fay Taylor Ball
5th Prize -  Kings Arms voucher - Mike Hinton
6th Prize -  Bartlett's Butchery voucher - Ellen O'Donnell
7th Prize -  Peroni and chocolates - Marilyn Elyles
8th Prize -  Playmat - Carol Cox
9th Prize -  Teddy bear - Mick Gardner
10th Prize - Thornstons chocolates - Ann Dawson
11th Prize - Yarnton Nurseries Voucher - Ali Bendall-Smith

Some of our Wonderful Leaders and Volunteers went on from the Fayre to man the Kidlington Community Choir Performance at KBC later on the 28th November. Thank you for giving us the retiring collection of £335.00, whilst cake sales made another £97.00

Our Christmas Fayre held at the St John Ambulance Hall on 28th November 2015 made a lovely £548.75. Thanks everyone, particularly Sarah & Becky
Prizes at the Fayre included:
Wine donated by Thos. Merrifield    Meal Voucher donated by The Highwayman
Ceramic platter - House of Cards     Notebook & memo pen - House of Cards
£10 Meat voucher - Bartlett's           Mens Hair Products - The Market Barber
Bicycle Lights set - O'Gorman's        Paint roller set - Oxford Building Supplies
Wine - Jerrams Bros                         Skin products - Revive

Christmas 2015 Raffle drawn on the 21.11.15 made £486.00
1st Prize - £100 - Martin Hartwell

2nd Prize -  Selection of wine - Ruby Smith
3rd Prize - Luxury Hamper - Clare Smith
4th Prize - Handmade Quilt - Ruth Rice

The Autumn Patchwork Quilt Draw was won by Mrs. Joy Barrett, she was delighted with it.

Autumn Bingo on 20th November made £135.20. Thank you Hazel

The Autumn 2015 Craft Dabble held on the 30th October made us another £123.50.  Not as many Brownies & Rainbows as usual but many people were away.

RAINBOW/BROWNIE DISCOS held on 17th October made £293.14. Thanks: Amanda, Kate, Alison, Hannah, Miche, Michelle, Sarah, Becky, Charlie, Maddy and all the many Guides who helped us out.

Fay ran the Oxford Half Marathon and made £180 for us. You're a star Fay!!

2015 Sponsored Sunflower Grow made over £1,120.00 Well Done everyone & Thank you Anne Clark for your help. The tallest sunflower was grown by Alexandra and was a massive 272 cm high (that's over 8 foot). The largest seedhead was grown by Eloise and was 30 cm across, and Alyssa and Kallie raised the most money. Well Done all of you.

THE EARLY YEARS CONCERT at St Mary's performed by Musical Banquet in July was not as poular this time but still raised £200. Thanks for everyones support!!

AILSA's TRIATHLON in June made us £590 on Justgiving. Thank you Ailsa, rather you than me!

DISTRICT FETE on Saturday June 20th 2015 made £1,251.29 and the Raffle £969.20. An amazing amount considering the weather wasn't great!! WELL DONE EVERYONE especially Jim & Margaret for the loan of their beautiful garden!!! and all others too many to mention. Another lovely day.
Raffle Winners:  
 1st  - £100 cash - Heidi Lancaster                
 2nd - Luxury Hamper - Kathy Walker
 3rd - Wine - Taylor                 
 4th - Meal for 2 at the King's Arms, The Moors - Lucy Allen
 5th - Voucher for Bartlett's Butchers - Brown  
 6th - Voucher for Yarnton Nurseries - C. Crick
 7th - Cuddly Toy - James Sandy
 8th - Picnic Ware for Four - Amelia Allen
 9th - Ladies Watch - Jackie Anstiss
10th - Preserve serving duo - Hazel Newell
11th - Kitchen items - Carol Cox
12th - Lap Tray - Clare Allen
13th - Scented cushion - Hepworth
14th - Prestidge Voucher - Ruth Matharu
15th - Teddy Bear - Ginny Fellows

Our Fundraising Partnership with the Midcounties Co-operative, along with 33rd Oxford Kidlington Scout group, was launched just before the Fete and will run for a year.

THE FASHION SHOW organised by Michelle Fitzgerald with the support of Guides from 2nd & 5th Kidlington Units made an amazing £300!! Thanks to models: Hannah, Michelle, Nadine, Fay, Louise, Zoe, Angie, Vicky, Lizzie, Lizzie & Charlotte. And to Stallholders: Anne, Rebecca, Poppy, Olivia, Millie, Phoebe & Emily. Yarnton Road Football Club donated their services for free and prizes were donated by: Index Books, M& Co. & Lloyds Pharmacy.

RAINBOW/BROWNIE DISCOS held on 25th April raised £305. Very well done all who made it possible.      

Easter 2015 Craft Dabble made us another £280.00. Thanks again Ann & Co.

Charity Bingo on 13th March organized by Hazel made a very much appreciated £312. Thankyou.

19.2.15 Craft Dabble made us £277.00. Thanks to Ann, Amanda, Jane from Trefoil Guild, Celia and t'other Amanda. We do appreciate all you do ladies!!

Christmas 2014 Raffle made £496.00
1st Prize - £100 - Mrs A Weller

2nd Prize - Luxury Hamper kindly donated by the Co-Op - Mrs Sue Wheeler
3rd Prize - Selection of wine - G Puleston

Easy Fundraising & Becky Hinton brought us in another £18.60 in November. Well Done!

2nd Kidlington Guides donated £19.50 from their cake sale. Thank you.

Bingo and Brownie Rainbow Discos on 15th November made £336.13. Brilliantly done everyone who made it possible.

The CRAFT RECYCLE DABBLE in October Half Term raised £207.50. Thanks again Ann, Sue and Maeve.

Oxfordshire Early Music Trio MUSICAL BANQUET made us an amazing £550.00 with a performance held at St Mary's Church in October. Thank you Peggy and all involved.

Thank you Hazel for arranging the September Charity Bingo which raised us £227.50

DISTRICT FETE on Saturday June 21st 2014 made £1,400.00 and the Raffle £860.00 -- and there's still money dribbling in. So WELL DONE EVERYONE especially Jim & Margaret for the loan of their beautiful garden!!! and all others too many to mention. A lovely day.
What's more the following girls all gained the Fete Challenge Badge for running their own Stalls:
1st Brownies: Jemma, Millie, Phoebe, Martha, Sian, Amelia, Jasmine, Alexandra & Olivia.
2nd Brownies: Josie, Hayley, Ruby & Tara.
3rd Brownies: Parnia, Cintia, Courtney, Holly, Katie, Ruby & Katie.
2nd Rainbows: Imogen & Ruby

Raffle Winners:  
1st  - £100 cash - J Franklin                  
2nd - Luxury Hamper - Susan Ellett
3rd - Wine - Heidi Lancaster                 
4th - Co-op Hamper - Ken Marsland
5th - Voucher for Richard's Hair Salon - Liz Akar  
6th - Meal for 2 at the King's Arms - Hazel de Silva
7th - Family Photoshoot - Emma Gilgunn-Jones
8th - Garden Dominoes - Jenny Jobson
9th - £20 voucher for Yarnton Nurseries - Barbara Burman
10th - Biscuit Barrell - Nicola Fairgrieve                    

SPRING TONER CARTRIDGE RECYCLING - was a complete fiasco - with our latest offering to Greentech eliciting the following response: 'Unfortunately on this occasion we cannot offer you a payment as the recycle value came to less than £10, this was due to their being unsatisfactory and unidentified cartridges within your consignment'.

We actually only raised £13,50 from 6kg of jewellery dispatched in the Spring.

MAY BINGO made £84.00. Thanks to Alison, Lauren, Amanda, Hannah & Eileen.

Horizon's Beetle Drive gave us £45.00. Well Done all - a very pleasant evening.

The Easter Extravaganza Dabble Days made us another £315.54. Thank you again Ann, Mave & Joanna with Mary's help.

April 1st Blue Bag collection made (TBA)

St Patrick's Day Bingo and the St Patrick's Day Brownie & Rainbow Discos on the 15th March made £394.09. Marvelous effort from Alison, Amanda, Sarah, Miche, Hannah, Kate, Becky and Gill.

February RED, Red Craft Dabble made £375 - organised by Ann with help from Alison, Amanda, Mave, Leanne, Sophie,

Christmas Raffle another great success, making us approximately another £1,000.

Raffle Winners:      
£100 cash - Enya                       Luxury Hamper -  N. Prestidge 
Case of wine - Luke                    Co-op Hamper - K. Bicknell    
Christmas cake - Hamilton         Family First Aid Training – Pearce, Cole, Ponting & Moss
Crackers - Hounslow

Bag Packing at Tescos on 21st December made us £571.90. Well Done everyone, especially Amanda, Alison and all the Staff in Store.

Caricatures drawn at the XMAS LIGHTS EVENT and sponsored by Midcounties Co-operative raised £30 for us. Thank you Janet Warren for putting our name forward!!

ZUMBATHON - Organised by Nikki with help from Kate, Hannah & Sue raised a massive £378.10 Thank you all of you.

CRAFT DABBLE October half term raised £180.00. Thanks Ann, Leanne and Mave

OCTOBER BINGO made £115.00 with loads of support & some new people. Thanks to Alison, Lauren, Amanda, Hannah & Eileen.

RAINBOW/BROWNIE DISCOS. Very well done all who made £386.00. That is Alison, Lauren, Ann D, Sarah E, Hannah, Michelle F, Miche, Gill, Jenny W, Kate S, Beccy H and Alison plus Guides, Chloe and Erin. What a brilliant effort.

Amanda's Amazing Swim around Burgh Island raised an incredible £350.

The Beer & Music Event at the Highwayman raised £172.46. Thanks Helen, Hannah & Nette for shaking tins, and a bigger thank you to all the Performers and the Staff for their support.

Kidlington Gala Day Lavender Tombola made £66.00. Many thanks Alison, Amanda, Mel and Sue.

Phoenix Cards Summer mail-out raised £63.90. Thanks Sarah

DISTRICT FETE & RAFFLE on Saturday June 22nd 2013 made £2,596.85. WELL DONE EVERYONE especially Jim & Margaret!!! and all others too many to mention. A lovely day.
Raffle Winners:      
£100 cash - K. Fuller                     Luxury Hamper -  Chappel     
Case of wine - Walsh                     Pamper Hamper - M. Billington    
Hair Products - N. Prestidge         Fairtrade goods - B. Brown     
Teddy Bear - K. Chapman              Dinner at Black Horse - J. Edwards     
Boots Bath Trio - Vircavs              Yarnton Nurseries Voucher - MacDonald     
Paintball Voucher - L.Scaife          Sainsbury's voucher -Holden
Multitool - Pearce                         Iona Wiggins Cake - M. Smith
See further details on the About us page..    

In May, Amelia Smart of 1st Kidlington Brownies raised £67.20 with a cake sale, giving her the Challenge Badge and us a bit more for the Fund.

April Recycling made us another £167.63. Please keep those toner & ink jet cartridges coming in..

The April Spring Creations Dabble was very successful making £247. To help Ann she had Leanne, Jennifer, Amanda & Jo. Thank you all!!!

MARCH 2013 Blue Bag collection made us £220.50. Thank you all who lugged bags around, and all who donated.

BINGO on March 23rd 2013  made £85.65, Thank you Alison, Lauren and Amanda, with the support of Sue and Andrew on teas and coffees.

BROWNIE & RAINBOW DISCOS were also held on Saturday 23rd March and were really enjoyed, making £263.35. Thanks to Alison, Amanda, Sarah, Lauren, Paula, Tim, Ros, Gill, and Kate, Very Well Done all of you!!

FEBRUARY Craft Dabble Day made £184.85. Many thanks Ann, Kate and Maisie

SIX BELLS POT ON THE BAR had £38.60 in it when opened at the January meeting.

JEWELLRY RECYCLING ENVELOPES are about to be despatched. Winners of the torch & crayons are: Anna 2nd Rainbows, Raia 1st Brownies, Emily 1st Guides, Abbie 3rd Brownies and Leia 5th Guides. And thanks to everyone who sent in their envelopes

DISTRICT RAFFLE drawn on Saturday 15th December made £1,423.65. Thanks Maurice -- you made it possible!!
Raffle Winners:      
£100 cash - Gaynor Croker.                          Case of wine - Geoff Hatton    
Luxury Hamper - Mary Gigunn-Jones.          Chocolates - Markham.
Chocolates - Churchill

BAG PACKING at Sainsbury's Saturday 15th December made £1242.40. Thank you to all who attended - you were brilliant and really deserve your Bag Packing Badges.

HIGHWAYMAN POT ON THE BAR had £21.01 in it when opened at the November meeting

2nd Kidlington Guides held an International Cafe Event when two of their members were presented with their Baden-Powell Awards recently. They raised £59.60 for the Fund.

Sue's Sponsored Cycle Ride made a whopping £2,153.00 for us. Well Done to both you and Andrew - we do appreciate all you do for us. xxx
Sue says "1090 miles through France and Spain, including 1710 metres up the Col d’Aubisque in the Pyrenees!  We still cannot believe it.  We did the climb on a glorious day with spectacular views of the mountains all around us.  After 4 hours of climbing, we crossed the line at the top.  I burst into tears of relief and others at the top gave us a cheer and a clap – and I felt you were all there clapping us too!"

OCTOBER 2011 BLUE BAG collection made a whopping £463.00. Thanks again to Neil, & even more importantly Nikki & Audrey. It's the best we've ever done....

OCTOBER Craft Dabble Day made £180.00

OCTOBER 20th 2012 BINGO made £127.00. Thank you Alison, Lauren and Amanda, with the support of Maeve and Eileen.

BROWNIE & RAINBOW DISCOS were also held on Saturday 20th October and were brilliantly successful making £383.00, thanks to Alison, Amanda, Sarah, Lauren, Kate, Michelle and Gill. Very Well Done all of you!!

HIGHWAYMAN POT ON THE BAR had £48.29 in it when opened at the September meeting.

KIDLINGTON GALA TOMBOLA made £91.60. Thank you Sue, Kate, Fay, Amanda & Alison.

DISTRICT FETE & RAFFLE on Saturday June 16th 2012 made £2,117.61. WELL DONE EVERYONE!!! far too many to mention - and the rain kept off despite dreadful forecasts.
Raffle Winners:      
£100 cash - M. Hales.                                     Luxury Spa Day for 2 - Amanda Weller.
Luxury Hamper - Natalie Palmer.                  Case of wine - Warren Jones.
Meal for 2 - Megan Weller.                             Hair Styling Kit - J. Druce.
Wine - Debbie O'Sullivan.                              Wine - L. Cox.
Wine - P. Ducker.                                           Car Wash Voucher - Mark Pipkin.
Toiletries - Mrs Hadaway.    
See details on the About us page..    

SPONSORED KIM'S GAME - Spring 2012 made £512.20. Absolutely brilliant. Well Done all those who collected. Hope you find your photo & promise on the board!! Congratulations for Collecting the most Sponsorship in each Section: Amelia (Rainbows) Hattie & Laura  (Brownies) & Gemma (Rangers).

RECIPE BOOK SALE - 25 more sold and another £100 passed to Treasurer - Spring 2012. WELL DONE RANGERS & Amanda who sold loads at Horizon's last COA!!

APRIL 2012 Fay's HALF MARATHON - has so far raised £758.20 in Sponsorship. Brilliant Fay, we're all very proud of you. xx

APRIL 2012 BINGO made £68. Thanks again to Alison, Amanda, Lauren, Eileen and Maeve and it was nice to see Kate there!

SPRING 2012 RECYCLING: Mobile phones & CDs/DVDs made £84.50 & 17 Jewellery/old coin recycling envelopes made us £54.85. Congratulations Holly & Charlotte! Picked out of the hat as winners of the torch and crayons..

SPRING 2012 EASYFUNDRAISING: Another £19.51 raised, bringing the total from using the online shopping site to £95.59. :-). WELL DONE all of you, especially Becky!!

MARCH 2012 BLUE BAG COLLECTION made £152.50. Thanks again Jenny.

FEBRUARY 2012 BINGO made £135.00. Many thanks to Alison, Amanda, Lauren, Eileen and Maeve, the latter two on teas.

VALENTINE 2012 DISCOS held on Saturday 25th February made £198.00, many thanks to Alison, Amanda, Sarah, Lauren, Hannah and Sammy. Shame we clashed with the Division Thinking Day Campfire.....

RECIPE BOOK SALE - 25 sold and £100 passed to Treasurer - Christmas 2011. WELL DONE RANGERS!!

ELENA'S CHALLENGE  - within a couple of weeks of joining 5th Kidlington Brownies Elena Rhymes decided to raise money for our new building to gain her Challenge badge. With the support of her family she set about making a variety of craft items and cakes, put letters through her friends and neighbours doors and held a Sunday afternoon sale. Raising an amazing £98.00!! Well Done Elena and many thanks to you, your family and supporters.

OCTOBER 2011 BLUE BAG collection made £332.00. Thanks again to Jenny and Neil, Sue and Andrew.

OCTOBER 2011 BINGO made £83.50. Many thanks to Hannah, Sally, Maeve, Eileen and Amanda the organiser.

HALLOWEEN 2011 DISCOS held on Saturday 15th October were highly successful making £361.25, many thanks to Hannah, Sarah, Paula, Anne, Janette and Amanda again. Also very special thanks to Helen and Emily Dandridge and Miranda Pearce  who ran a Lucky Dip at the Disco raising £32.40. Lucy Riddell also held a cake sale and raised £28. Thanks all of you!!

KATE's SALSA EVENING in September made us a brilliant £240.00. Well Done Kate, Hannah and all your helpers.

KIDLINGTON GALA on Saturday 16th July 2011 took £25.50. The Stall was used more as a PR Exercise rather than a Fund Raiser. Thanks to Alison, Lauren, Mel, Amanda, Sue & Kate for manning it.

DISTRICT 2011 FETE on Saturday 18th June took £1,234.34. WOOHOO!!! Thank you for all your support and bouquets to all our District Leaders who worked so hard to make it happen.

BLUE BAG CLOTHING COLLECTION in the Spring made £160.00. Thanks Jenny, Christine, Sue and Andrew.

EASTER CRAFT DABBLE on Wednesday 22nd April 2011 made £332.50. 18 Children decorated felt egg shaped handbags, made easter baskets and gift bags & scratched easter fridge magnets. They also made sweets to go into their baskets and chocolate nest krispy cakes. Finally they made Royal Wedding Commemorative plates and bookmarks and had a play with the hama beads. Once again many thanks to Maeve. Without her it wouldn't have been possible!

EASTER 2011 BINGO made £132.70. Thank you Alison, Lauren, Dave, Amanda, Hannah, Peggy, Ruth & Maeve.

BROWNIE/CUB & RAINBOW/BEAVER DISCOS were held on Saturday 12th February 2011 and were highly successful making £275.13, thanks to Alison, Amanda, Sarah, Lauren, Jeanette, Kate and Becky. 

VALENTINE 2011 BINGO made £148.90. Many thanks to Alison, Lauren, Amanda, Eileen and Maeve. We can't do it without you!!

CRAFT DABBLE DAY on Wednesday 22nd December 2010 made £314.30. 17 children attended an action packed day at the Centre making star tree decorations, gingerbread, chocolate yule logs decorated with holly and various other Christmassy bits including stockings, cards and window stickers. Many thanks must go to Maeve, Katherine and Emily for making this possible.

BAG PACKING at Sainsbury's Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th December 2010. It Snowed!!! However forty eight stalwart Kidlington members and their parents braved the weather and made us £1,034.00. Brilliant. Well Done all of you!

BINGO on 27th November made us £100.00. Many thanks to Alison, Lauren, Eileen and Maeve.

XMAS LIGHTS TOMBOLA on Tuesday 23rd November made £142.00. Many thanks to Yvette, Amanda, Sue and Mick.

TATTY BEAR RAFFLE drawn on 20-10-2010 made £363.00. Thanks Alison and everyone who sold tickets.

BLUE BAG collection in October 2010 made £265.60. Thanks Jenny..

Catherine completed a Sponsored walk for us in August and raised £45.00 on her own. What a star!

FETE & JAZZ IN THE WILD in June 2010 made us £1,500.00. Well done all District members who provided such an excellent day.


1st Brownies held a Mums and Daughters Evening - March 2017


3rd, 4th & 5th Brownies at PGL Lyddington, April 2019